The one thing I love the see the most is the transformation that my clients experience.  It is exciting to watch and see them transform right in front of me.  Have you ever thought of wanting to transform your life in one area or another, then continue reading.  I am Michelle I have worked with men and women and teaching them to transform their own lives.  I have found it amazing on how many people have no idea on how this universe and their thoughts work together to create all that shows up within your world.  This is where I come in.  To help you understand the universe and thought process on manifesting.  

If you are that person that you don’t think you need a life coach I was there at one time to.  I was so proud of doing everything myself that I did not even realize all the trauma response I was stuck in.  As for me growing up I did not have good roll model in the form of teaching me how to create my life.  I always knew that I wanted something different then what was being shown to me.  

I do and will through some other things into my coaching sessions for I am connected to source and spiritual guides in a informational kind of way.  during these sessions I will not hide it we will be talking about generational trauma and others things that could have been past down.  For this is a big indicator of what needs to be worked through.  

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