Life is interesting all in itself and yet we have a hard time committing to our lives with the need to talk about others and theres.  I mean there are even T.V. shows that allows you to talk about them they are called reality shows.  

Now is the time to get rapped up into your life that you don’t need to watch or worry about someone else’s life at all.  Think about it how would it feel to love your life so much that you stop talking about others.

Well that is what this program will help with.  During this program we work on the whole person and not just the part that you like.  We will talk about patterns that are showing up within your world, bring back soul fragments that can get ripped off during traumatic events.  I go into the Akashic Records and talk to your guides to help find the fasted and yet ease of grace way to move things in the direction you desire.  

That is the biggest thing that I will help you will learn how to talk about things you desire instead of what is going on that you don’t like.  During this 12 week program we work through all the different aspects of life, childhood, relationships, parents, children, jobs, birth.  

What this journey could look like, most don’t see things right away.  Takes about 6 weeks to start to notice the changes that you are making without even realizing that they are happening.  Most people look back at where they were and notice that they are in a completely different space.  All this has been done with ease and grace no fighting within the ego to change things up.

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